Who we are?

AIUK is an education consultancy services company with a global reorganization and an excellent reputation as a consultancy provider. At AIUK, we firmly believe there is a sure way to do career counseling, especially for studying abroad.

Whom we value?

Go Getters

We are seeking trailblazers who embrace taking ownership of situations, tasks, and teams. We value individuals who rise to the occasion and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Quick Learners & Communicators

We are excited to welcome individuals who possess a strong aptitude for quick learning and are comfortable adapting to our dynamic work environment. In our industry, the ability to quickly acquire the necessary skills and adapt to the demands of the field is crucial. We also value proficient communicators who can effectively engage with our stakeholders.

Customer Champions

At the core of our operations lies a strong focus on customer and stakeholder engagement. If you possess a problem-solving mindset and an empathetic approach, you are an ideal match for our team.

Teamwork, Collaboration & Leadership

We greatly appreciate individuals who thrive on collaboration and excel in team environments. As we continuously strive to enhance our leadership pipeline, we warmly welcome professionals who are dedicated to empowering and inspiring their teams, bringing out the best in their colleagues.

Current job openings

Couldn't find your preferred role? Apply by Mail anyway, as we are always on a look-out for great talent. Send your resume at [email protected]