University Admission

Selection of correct destination and also the correct institute for studying abroad can be challenging at times. With such huge numbers of institutions, and so many destinations with wide range of offered courses, settling on the correct decision can be confusing. This decision anyway will be a standout amongst the most essential choices you will ever make in your life and guaranteeing that you pick it sharply.

AIUK-Edu has an immense arrangement of collaborations that give you chances for worldwide training. Our connections around the globe and our group of expert’s guidance enables a large number of willing students like you, to pick their courses and training by putting them in legitimate colleges and universities over the world. We offer you valuable tips for overseas applications and directions to secure your university admission.

Students utilizing Broder and Bridges University Admission services will get a far-reaching bundle of advices and tailored solutions to their specified needs and requirements.

Overseas Universities Admission Process: 7 Steps to a Successful Future

You will be cautiously guided through the complete overseas college application process that incorporates the additional key stages as below, amplifying the probabilities for getting admission in your preferred institutions.


To assure that we precisely advice on the best destination, college and course; we will initially conduct an exhaustive profiling exercise. Towards this, we will appoint an exceptionally proficient counsellor who has top to bottom knowledge for every student and courses. In light of your academic profile, profession objectives, monetary status and work involvement, our counsellor will enable you to choose the correct course that tends to your desires and objectives.


Standardized tests are taken particularly to assess students and look at their bent in a reliable way. Our Admission Counsellor will review any standardized test scores (e.g. IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT) that you have effectively taken, which may assist you with your confirmation. They will likewise control you with respect to the scores that colleges will search for and the scores that you ought to go for with the end goal to target specific university. If you have not taken any of the standardized tests that is required for Admission Counsellor will guide you for these.


If you are willing to study abroad, it is important to select the correct course. Abroad instruction does not come shoddy, which implies you should settle on an educated decision dependent on your objectives and interests. The Admission Counsellors at AIUK-Edu will waitlist various suitable colleges for you subsequent to adjust your profile. You would then be able to examine the shortlisted colleges with your family and companions before concluding.


Presenting the correct records is the initial move towards guaranteeing that your student visa is endorsed. Even if at least one document not presented, your visa application might be rejected driving deferral. Now and again, deferral can likewise prompt crossing out of confirmation. When you have finished the college, your records will be thoroughly investigated by AIUK-Edu proficient editorial group. While students are in charge of drafting and examining these reports, it is imperative that our editors survey the work to help enhance the substance, language, tone and structure. This will assurance that the profile introduced to the picked foundations is proficient and extends everything that they have to think about the student in the most ideal way.


This is the final stage to review the applications before they can be submitted to the selected institutions. This is essential section of the process and it is assured that sufficient time is given to complete this stage. You will be expected to sit with AIUK-Edu group of experienced application experts to ensure that all subtle elements are precise and to affirm that you are satisfied with the application that is being submitted.


At AIUK-Edu, our advisors know about the sort of queries that institutions ask students at the interview. To help get ready for any interview that might be required by the chosen institutions, we give you various interview preliminary sessions. The Interview readiness sessions are led by experts who have immense involvement in interview procedures and are knowledgeable with the nature and extent of queries that institutions ordinarily ask their candidates.


It is understood that it is not possible to study in any desired university without VISA. Our Visa Counselling Services are equipped towards helping you present the correct records to secure that there are no unintentional delays. Our Visa Consultant who will give far reaching exhortation identifying with the alliance of the pertinent documentation that you have to submit alongside the visa application. Our Visa Consultant will likewise control you through the key parts of any interview that you may have with the High Commission or Embassy.

AIUK-Edu likewise offer a scope of Value-Added Services that supplements its University Admission Service. If you avail these packages, intended to improve your general training background, you will be benefited by a scope of important administrations, tailored to your specific needs.

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